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Software Testing Company | Quality Assurance (QA) Services

With decades of experience in software testing and quality assurance, Andhus Technologies is one of the go-to places for many companies in the US and other countries. Our services are spread over industries like e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and more. Our professional testers can go through the software and validate every single aspect of the software within significantly less time.

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Why Choose Andhus Technologies QA & Software Testing Company?

Andhus Technologies proudly mentions that it has practically experienced software testers and quality assurance engineers. We have covered almost all the services that a client can look for.

Types of Applications We Test

An application or software has to make upgrades or releases whether it is existing or new software created using the software as a service model. These updates or releases take place every 3 months, 6 months, or multiple times in a year. We help you to manage your software by testing them from all corners.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

After the creation of the application or software using the software as a service, the existing or new applications contain releases every 3 to 6 months or in a year. In such scenarios, testing experts from Andhus Technologies use various testing modules like Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, External API Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Regression Testing, and Backup & Recovery Testing.

SaaS testing is a continuous process that makes sure to detect the bugs before deploying the code and find solutions for issues, and constant improvements in sustainable functionalities.

Data Warehouse Testing

Andhus Technologies is assisting its clients for many years and become the most reliable DWH testing service provider in the market. After going through all the business and projects, our professionals pick the best DWH testing coverage for ensuring the quality of business data, complicated business intelligence logic, and more.

Our DWH testing services include ETL testing, BI testing, DWH performance testing, and DWH security testing. The process includes understanding the project requirements, planning and designing the test, implementing the designed test, and performing the analysis of the results. We will be there until it is confirmed everything is fine.

Web Applications

The main purpose of testing the website applications and websites is to test the functionality, effective render in target environments, security, stability, and data sharing with incorporated systems. In web application testing, we offer usability testing, performance testing, functional testing, capability testing, compliance testing, web security testing, accessibility testing, and web testing automation.

Web Application Testing

Our experts work on finding all the major and minor errors in the front and backend of the applications. Make sure that there are no issues in the code and application runs swiftly every second. We aim to provide a solution that enhances business and fast returns on investments. We make sure to enhance the user experience, loading time, functions, withstand-high loads, security, and much more.

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Desktop Applications Testing

Andhus Technologies offer expert services in desktop application testing. Our experts are having great project practical experience which makes our clients more confident to choose us.

Our customers can get services like testing strategy & plan, designing reusable test cases, upto time test execution reports, and comprehensive testing summary reports. With these supports and summary reports, experts and clients can go through the statistics, quality analysis, defect categorization, etc to implement the updates and changes in the code.

Mobile Application Testing

With our advanced and well-experienced mobile application testers, Andhus Technologies can offer you a complete package of mobile testing services. Our experts make sure that applications reach the ultimate standards, quality, and user adoption. Our mobile application testing services contain functional testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, security testing, performance testing, and more types.
We test native apps, cross-platform apps, and mobile web apps to run smoothly on any operating system. Along with that, our approach process includes:

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Application Testing Methods We Use

In the process of delivering an application or software to our clients, testing software is very crucial. Below mentioned are the methods we use in the process of testing

Manual Testing

A manual test is the process of software testing where all the functionalities are tested manually to confirm all the functions are working without any defects. Our skilled manual testing engineer experts perform tests of software in real-time as end users. It will help in finding the drawbacks manually and understanding the performance of the application effectively.

Automation Testing

We do have access to some of the top-notch software automation testing tools. These tests run automatically whenever a change occurs in the source code. Developers or the team gets the update about the status or result of the deployed code. If the developers fail, the software testing tools point out the places where there are errors. We can say that Andhus Technologies is home to manual and automation testing services that assist various companies from the US.

Combined Testing Services

What is combined testing? We offer our services by combining manual testing and automation testing to optimize the releases, increase the coverage of test, and find bugs and errors even before the code enter production.

Software Testing Tools

Andhus Technologies always aim to provide impeccable software testing services to all of its clients. As a part of it, we use the most advanced software testing tools from our sources based on certain project specifications.

Manual Software Testing Tools

Manual Software Testing Tools


QTP Testing


Mantis Bug Tracker












Test Rail

soap ui

Automation Software Testing Tools

Automation Software Testing Tools

Software Quality Assurance Services

We have extended our hand a little more to help our clients in having the best-performing applications. Quality Assurance is another important branch of the software testing process we offer as a service. QA is the set of actions performed by our experts that assure processes, and procedures along with the quality of project standards. Our quality software assurance is a process of confirming that an application or software has achieved the requirements of the clients.

In the process of quality assurance, we also perform integration testing, functional testing, unit testing, regression testing, system testing, acceptance testing, usability testing, security testing, and exploratory testing.