Who We Are

On Our Journey To Become The Most Familiar Brand or Company In The World Of Information Technology

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Andhus Technologies

Andhus Technologies, we are an IT company that offers a wide range of solutions for clients worldwide. We took our first step in 1996, and from then continuously moved forward and made progress on every project. Even after being a startup, we are able to complete projects on time without any errors in the projects. Our dedicated and quality services helped us to reach more companies and projects within a very short period.

Our Geographic Location

Our headquarters is located in the US and our expert team performs almost all kinds of tasks and actions from the headquarters. We ensure to provide the accurate resulting product to customers and are done under the deadline of the project. We have the capability to offer services to any client from any corner of the world. All you need to do is reach us.

Whom We Serve

We offer our services to both Non-IT companies and software product companies. Assisting client companies in managing, upgrading, optimizing, and bringing new products & services into the market has always been our cup of tea. We have offered our services to startups to fortune companies in the US


Our Vision

Like others, we are also having a dream and vision of being a “pro who hits the bullseye, an exact solution point in the game of business”. Being a preferred choice between the industry-leading entities

Our Mission

We are a company with a large group of engineers who are innovation enthusiasts. We aim to find unique solutions for critical software problems which make you unique in the market. With our proven technology, we help always hold the client’s hand in identifying and solving problems


Our Values

Punctuality and timely project submissions are ingrained habits within our office culture. We actively engage in monitoring our surroundings and constantly optimize functionalities to ensure seamless operations. Our ability to detect errors in software is innate, and we take pride in promptly rectifying them for our clients. Moreover, when faced with challenges, we go the extra mile to fill in any gaps and persevere relentlessly until we achieve our objectives. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, making us a reliable and dedicated team you can count on.

Industries We Serve

As the days passed, we slowly expanded our wings across the industries. As technology enthusiasts, we never said no to any of the opportunities on our way and gained immense experience in application development and maintenance for multiple industries in the market. Below mentioned are the industries, in which we are experts:

Healthcare Industry


Retail Industry

Logistics & Transport

Insurance & Financials



Let’s start our journey

Start making the perfect turns in your business journey by joining the hands with Andhus Technologies.