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Technology is everywhere from kids to elders, mini streets to wall streets, villages to the world, and more. We believe that being updated in technology can help or lead to success in the market for every business. Being updated with technology means finding unique solutions for all the problems businesses face. Andhus Technologies are offering Information technology services in the USA and neighbouring country Canada covering almost all industry categories. It is home to advanced technology that hosts various tools and digital options to serve multiple industries in the market.
Multiple Industries and businesses depend on the technologies to complete tasks and increase productivity. Andhus Technologies is providing its premium information technology services to clients for the past decades successfully.

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Insurance & Financials

Clients can stop talking about our software solutions offer for the insurance and financial sectors. We make sure the client's requirements are fulfilled using the revolutionary technologies in the market like machine learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, telematics, customer relationship management, robotics, cloud computing, and other services. Start making grand progress in your industry revenue in the market with all the digital trends like DevOps, microservices, managed IT services, etc. For more effective industry development, our application services include business operation tracking services, software application development, data security, digital banking, real-time information, risk management, behavioural analysis, and much more.



Andhus Technologies services have left some of positive marks in the history of many manufacturing industries around the US. As one of the experienced information technology service providers, we have achieved many milestones. Our services for manufacturing industries include robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, AR, nanotechnology, VR, customer relationship management, and the Internet of Things. Clients can enhance business productivity with advanced automated internal work operations and repetitive tasks with progressive technology solutions. Clients can deliver premium quality products into the market along with eliminating extra & unnecessary expenses.



Our experts at Andhus Technologies try to evolve in the technologies every day. As a result of our efforts, we are making great advancements and offering services to numerous clients around the US. Similarly, our advanced technologies also serve retail and e-commerce businesses. We handpick the technologies that suit the businesses and customize them as per the requirements of clients. Our services include artificial intelligence tools, omnichannel platforms, augmented reality, customer relationship management, Chatbot, deep learning, and enterprise resource planning. With all these advanced technologies, clients can access work process automation, documenting customer information, online marketing, software applications, tracking sales & customer behaviour, marketing goods, and much more.

Industries Served By Andhus Technologies



We always feel that the healthcare industry is one of those industries which must have advanced technology to understand and overcome the issues in management. Healthcare is one of the sectors that the US is more particular about, when we speak about our services offered to the healthcare industry we are also very particular. Our services are spread over the private, public, and clinical labs. Our services contain technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, the internet of Things, customer relationship management, patient monitoring systems, data management systems, and more. These technologies can help in enhancing and stabilizing patient care management. Along with the monitoring software, we also offer personalized patient management systems that help the healthcare industries in exclusive caring of every single patient.



We offer futuristic IT services from the start to the end of a process in the automobile industry. We deploy the technologies like artificial intelligence, human-machine interface, machine learning, data & analytics, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and other technologies. Advanced applications and tools handcrafted by our experienced professionals can make your tasks like production, marketing, sales, offers, updates, and more a cakewalk. To learn more about our services, never forget to reach us.



We believe in exploring things rather than staying in one place. Supporting the state, instead of serving only private projects, we are also offering technology services to the government sectors as well. To explain in precise, our advanced technologies can offer detecting software, monitoring software, scanning software, and many other technologies. Our artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, recognition technology, security services and many more can assist in managing various tasks at once without any problem.


The industry of hospitality is one of those which are making constant progress over the years. No matter what location, season, situation, and more, hospitality goes on. We assist you in completing your tasks easily with the technologies of robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, contactless payments, CRM, recognition technology, IoT, AI, Chatbot, and more. The main aim of the hospitality industry is to provide the finest services to customers and make them use the services for longer periods of time. Being an exceptional hospitality brand in easy bookings & cancellations, smart energy management, a keyless system, going touchless, and more can help customers stay and use the services. We can lend our hand in implementing those amazing services.