Cyber Security Services Providers (CSSP)

One Stop Solution For All The Software, Application, & Information Security Services

Cyber Security Services Providers (CSSP)

Andhus Technologies offer various types of services in multiple industries and cyber security services are one of them. We have provided and can provide the best cyber security solutions to companies in protecting their extremely important data. Companies can rely on security segments to use and focus on the main motive of their business.

What Is a Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the process of protecting organizations, and employee’s assets from getting digital attacks. Every organization uses cybersecurity services to protect its valuable data in networks, applications, servers, and much more. The process includes cross-checking, planning, and implementing security measures that help many organizations around the globe. The companies that provide cybersecurity services on outsourcing is known as cybersecurity service providers. We can also say cybersecurity services as IT security services.

cyber security services

Why Andhus Technologies Cyber Security Services?

Security is one of the important sections for all businesses which are making their digital entrance. Hackers, information & identity thieves are always looking for chances to breach security systems and demand a high amount of finance in exchange for the company’s own data. Andhus Technologies is the residence of some of the most skilled and experienced cybersecurity engineers, analysts, security architects, and more. We promise our clients to provide end-to-end security services to all kinds of applications or software.

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Our Services Include

Managed Security Services

Usually, companies that are not familiar with or unaffordable use cyber security services from third-party service providers. Andhus Technologies has lent its hand to many companies that are in need of cybersecurity technologies & services at the most convenient deals.

Our managed security service model offers constant monitoring and management of security devices, systems, software, and more. We never let any mistake or breach take place in any application or software while our security services are implemented. Our managed security services include:

Managed Cyber security Services usa
Security Infrastructure Designing & Management
Quick Detection Of Attack & Response
Vulnerability Management
Compliance Management
We implement above services in various components of IT industry like:

Application Security

Application security is one of the other services at which our experts are exiled. In the section of application sector, poor code, and inappropriate application protection can bring huge risks to any company. Our experts use their application development and security skills to monitor and test the security quality of web, mobile, and desktop applications. Along with that, experts assist clients in strengthening the protection of data stored locally.

applicaiton security services
Security Code Review

Almost every code has characteristics that can affect the security of the application. Our experts run manual and automated software testing to find out the loopholes in the code before releasing it. After the application testing, engineers consult the senior experts in the organization to assist in:

  1. Detecting the errors made during the development stage and enhancing the quality of code for better security.
  2. Note down the weak points which may lead to vulnerabilities in the future.
  3. Finally find the most cost-effective methods to over these issues.
Web Security Applications
Cloud Security
Mobile Device Management & Mobile Application Management
security planning services

Security Assessment & Planning

Security Assessment & Planning is one of the first-class cybersecurity solutions offered by Andhus Technologies. We offer security assessment and planning services for multiple components of IT infrastructure:

Information Security
IT Infrastructure & Components Security Testing
Stress Testing

Network Protection

Our Experts are very experienced in certain sections of security. Network Protection is one of those sections in which we excel. By using our network protection services, we can assure that the chances of getting attacked are very low. Below are some of the steps and actions we follow to keep your network protected.

Security Information & Event Management
DDoS Protection
Email Security
Firewalls, IDS/IPS, DLP Implementation & Setting