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CRM & ERP Services ?

Andhus Technologies has been serving customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning services to its clients for the past decades. CRM & ERP are the section of business where our experts have the finest skills to develop and implement custom services for various businesses. We put the full stop to your search for the finest customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning services.

Our CRM Services Include:

Our experts provide CRM services to assist and enhance the power of customer interaction sections like marketing, sales, and customer service processes. Our ultimate CRM services are:

CRM ERP Services

CRM Consulting :

Our CRM consulting can offer assistance to our clients from end to end. CRM selection, implementation, customization, migration, improvements, and consolidation are the steps we follow in the services of Andhus Technologies CRM consulting services.

CRM Selection

The process starts with the requirement analysis of the clients to make a broad understanding of what they need. Our experts suggest suitable options based on the market.

crm consulting
CRM Implementation

Soon after that, we go through the implementation process by understanding the tasks and workflow in pre-build or customized tools. If there is a requirement for making customizations for better performance of software, we assemble all the functional modules for a cohesive system.

CRM Migration

If you are not satisfied with the current CRM tool or software, we can assist you in migrating to a better system that is capable of fulfilling your requirements. Our experts assure you of the safest migration services without any data loss and process interruption.

CRM Improvements

Improvement is required in everything, similarly, we also make improvements in the software for betterment. Our service users may have some thoughts of improvement, we listen to them and we walk an extra mile to update and explain the features.

CRM Consolidation

After all of this, maintaining the customers’ data is pretty hectic. But, we work hard enough to create CRM software that consolidates all the customer’s data into one database for better and quicker access and analysis.

CRM Implementation

Our experts work on CRM implementation based on the client’s requirements like configuration, customization, and more. Our professionals are able to create a CRM from scratch or upgrade an existing CRM to deliver enhanced performance. In CRM implementation service, our professionals work on launch, migration, and consolidation.

CRM Launch

Instead of working on previous CRM, clients can have a new version of CRM software that fits their business requirements and market trends perfectly. Our experts deliver the ultimate project to clients who are doing proper research.

CRM Migration

Clients may be stuck with the old version of CRM and possibly can’t make efficient processes. Andhus Technologies help you with that by creating new software and migrating the entire data to new within no time. The new system contains all the data of the previous software and can also fulfill all the requirements of clients.

CRM Consolidation

Our consolidation services can help you get all your data under an enterprise-wide CRM system in a systematic manner. Clients do not need to work more with multiple siloed systems.

Custom CRM Development

The main aim of Custom CRM Development is to create a prime CRM system that can match and carry all the needs and requirements of the company. One of the best options for clients is they can choose the functionality of the software from the options like marketing, lead capture, sales, customer service, call center, field service, customer self-service, CPQ & billing, order fulfillment, customer feedback management, reporting, and more.

CRM Testing

As a CRM software solutions company, We take responsibility for the creation of the best CRM software that can help you with business expansion. In the process of making the ultimate CRM software, our testers test the software keenly. So, that there shouldn’t be any errors while using the software.

Our experts perform tests like functional, integration, performance, usability, and security testing. Our testing services are offered for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platforms.

CRM Support & Upgrades

Andus Technologies is a seamless CRM service provider and is always ready for its clients to help with issues and problems. We offer administration support that includes daily administration, data administration, 24-hour CRM system monitoring, monthly system health tests, and help desks. Along with that, development services like troubleshooting and system or software upgrades are also available for the clients.

CRM Tools We Use :

microsoft dynamics

Enterprise Resource Planning Services

Along with customer relationship management, we are experts at providing enterprise resource planning services as well. Our experts integrate all the business operations like finance, human resource, manufacturing, supply chain management, procurement, and more. Without ERP services, companies need individual systems to access various departments. But, with ERP services companies can access all the departments with one single application with one interface.

Our ERP Services Include :

ERP Consulting

Our ERP consulting or expert services always assist our clients in maintaining their business effectively. Our ERP experts contain in-depth knowledge of various solutions and understand the technical and functional aspects of ERP.

Our experts design an absolute set of features, architecture, UI & UX of ERP software with all the needs of a company in mind. Our experts work on the best ERP tech stack for implementation that fits the client’s business precisely. We assure the security, compliance, and project plan for risk-free implementation.

ERP Consulting

The Steps In ERP Consulting:

Optimization Of Software & Technical Support

Without wasting ours and our clients we start working on updating the software that takes your enterprise resource planning software to the next level. Our experts implement all the required updates and perform testing as they are functioning or not as expected. By any chance, if there are issues with the software our experts offer their support. If clients are expecting some more updates, we accept and note down the points to upgrade software with extra required features.

Client System Analysis

It is the first step of ERP consulting services where our experts go through the data of the client company. After understanding and analyzing the business process, our experts construct software that works like everything for companies. If there is an existing ERP software, our experts examine the whole software and come up with the points that strengthen the software.

User Training & Support

Our services continue until our clients understand and use the software we created effectively. We make our experts explain every single update how it works and how to use the update to the fullest. By this, your team members can perform the tasks swiftly to enhance the business.

Our NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite

Manage all your roles of strategist, data cruncher, innovator, and cost saver with our Oracle NetSuite enterprise resource planning software and save some time and resources to focus on strategy, innovation, and growth of your business.

With our constantly updated and customizable Oracle NetSuite services, we help our clients to re-create or re-invent unique ways to operate. You can access all your business segments in one place and analyze the data precisely. By this, clients can have an overview of the real-time visibility and performance controls.

While having decades of experience in hand, our experts offer services from business system analysis to implementation, migration, development, and training of developments. We are some of the top Oracle NetSuite ERP service providers around the globe. We mean it, what we say it.

ERP Tools We Use :

oracle e-business
SAP S4 Hana
sage intacct