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It’s been decades since Andhus Technologies stepped into the Information Technology market. As the number defining our experience, we are one of the prominent cloud computing service providers from the United States. We are holding every single service of cloud computing that a client can think of. With well-experienced experts, we have served many clients around the country without any matter in question.

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Cloud Computing Services We Offer

our cloud computing services
saas services

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Andhus Technologies is well known for its SaaS services in the USA and other global countries. With a handful of experience in the industry, we are good at finding what our clients need to enhance their business. Our expert team plan and designs applications that are scalable, reliable, and robust enough to hold hefty loads without any complication.

Advantages of Choosing Our SaaS Services
  •  No Waiting for the Application
    • Software as a Service is completely different from the traditional methods. Instead of downloading, installing, and executing the applications on local servers, SaaS helps in running the application directly from the web browser. This can save you time and complete the actions quickly.
  • Reduced Costs
    • As the application is hosted on a shared or multi-tenant environment, the software and hardware licence costs are very less compared to the traditional model.
  • New Upgrades & Releases
    •  Compared to traditional services, SaaS offers all the upgrades and releases performed by the providers. The new upgrades and services will be available to users without any delay. But, in traditional methods, one has to purchase an upgrade package and install it for making changes.
  • Easy To Use
    • Users can perform multiple actions in SaaS without any mix-ups. One can get different versions, easy to migrate, perform proofs-of-concept, test software functionality, and more. One can test the software before buying the SaaS even if it is a big environment.
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Infrastructure As Service (IaaS)

We extend our hand in every section to provide premium quality service to our clients. We offer trendy and advanced services like network features, virtual computers, cloud data storage space, etc. Over the years, we have successfully offered our services to many client companies and continue to offer them even now.

Advantages of Choosing Our IaaS Services
  • Coolest Flexibility & Scalability
    • Having lots of experience in the industry, our experts go through the client’s requirements and create IT products that are flexible to adapt to particular workload requirements. Whether it is a small, medium, or large enterprise, our products can meet the demands without fail. With the help of such services, companies can foretell their growth.
  • Enhanced Performance & Security
    • We implement some of the best security measures like multi-factor authentication, and encryption protocols to protect client’s important data. When it comes to performance, our multiple network connections, power supplies, cooling systems, and more can successfully avoid productivity interruptions.
  • Step Into the Market With Rocket Speed
    • With our virtual machines, one can build an IT infrastructure within very less time. By this, users can target their target audience even before their competitors start to create applications. Instead of purchasing costly physical servers, users can go with virtual servers that are speedy and secure.
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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

We extend our hand in every section to provide premium quality service to our clients. We offer trendy and advanced services like network features, virtual computers, cloud data storage space, etc. Over the years, we have successfully offered our services to many client companies and continue to offer them even now.

When we are offering PaaS services to our clients, we want them to focus on developing, deploying, and management of the application. Resource procurement, capacity planning, software maintenance, patching, and other identical works are taken care of us.

Advantages of Choosing Our PaaS Services
  • Cost Effective
    • Instead of purchasing highly-priced hardware, users can get all the hardware services from us. One can save and invest the saved money in other sections of development.
  • Accurate Work Process
    • Users do not need to think about the maintenance of the application they create. As it is our job to make sure that your application runs smoothly and fast. It can bring great support in focusing on application creation.
  • Ultimate Flexibility
    • As we are offering online services, users can log in with their credentials and use the services from any location and device. So, users can work on their projects from anywhere around the globe.
  • Impeccable Security
    • Along with the services, we have also upgraded our security. We question ourselves even before our clients about security so that we can stay updated on security.
Types Of Cloud Services We Offer

Public Cloud

We offer ultimate public cloud services to our users. Each and every user has a unique identity and credentials which gives ultimate privacy. Our public cloud services offer the finest storage, online office applications, ideal testing & development services, and more. Andhus Technologies hold the client’s hand and guide them in using the public cloud.

Private Cloud

Our private cloud services are one of the safest and most specialized for all of our clients. We provide all the hardware and software resources exclusively dedicated to an organization or business in an cloud computing environment. No other user will have access to the resources unless you give your credentials to others. Our services welcomes you benefits like elasticity, scalability, and ease of services delivery with the help of access control, premium security, and customization of resource.

Hybrid Cloud

One can say that the hybrid cloud services are the combination of public and private cloud services in cloud computing. With our services, one can have access to both private and public cloud services. Using these accesses, user can move their applications or software from one to another with ease. Having hybrid cloud access can help organizations in controlling workloads, sensitive assets. Even after using the private cloud the most, one can take advantage of public cloud services whenever needed.


Along with the public, private, and hybrid cloud services, Andhus Technologies also offer multi cloud services to its users. Which means we can offer multiple stacks of public or private clouds to our clients or users as per their requirements. Many mid range to high range organizations go with the multi cloud to complete their tasks and actions smoothly without any efforts.